UK Reiif: Themes we can get on board with

It is our first time attending UK Reiif this week and we are looking forward to things getting underway. What really excites us is that this year, the event’s key themes are all themes that really resonate with the work we do and ethos we represent. 

Net Zero

Carbon reduction, sustainability and protecting the future of the planet have always been key motivators in our drive to support renewable energy projects, sustainable new development and environmental schemes. Our experience includes green infrastructure, solar, wind, hydrogen and decarbonisation projects in Wales and England. Working with Welsh Government, National Resources Wales, Arup, Statkraft, Lightsource BP and others we see ourselves as a real enabler in supporting businesses and organisations to meet net zero.  

The future of real estate

We are always looking for new ways to consult and engage with stakeholders and communities. Since the pandemic all consultation has rightly had a digital presence, as well as in person enggement and this is something we are committed to continuing. Best practice consultation is at the heart of what we do, in recent months we’ve been out in local parks, visiting schools, community centres as well as holding in person community days and online webinars and workshops.  

Social Value and EDI

Social value is important to Grasshopper with most of the team undertaking volunteering during work time, as well as us offering internships and charity support. We are also committed to working with our clients to bring this into their project delivery. The potential to create genuine change is huge, and it is great to be considering a range of activities from using local suppliers, to careers education in schools, environmental projects and job creation opportunities.  

Inward Investment

We are keen to see regeneration and investment actively underway across both Wales and England, helping communities to thrive. Whilst Wales remains our busiest region, our projects in England are growing – both in terms of type, scale and location. One of the things we really enjoy is working with such a range of different clients; from local authorities, housebuilders and other developers.  

So, whatever the reason you are attending UK Reiif, head over and say hello to the team – we’d love to meet you!