Thriving with Nature

Last week was Wales Nature Week, an annual celebration of nature showcasing the fantastic habitats and species of Wales. Some of Team Grasshopper team got out and about, participating in activities across the country and enjoying the physical and mental well-being benefits that nature brings. 

The national week was really timely as we’ve just started work on Natur am Byth, Wales’ flagship Green Recovery programme which unites environmental charities with Natural Resources Wales to reconnect people to nature. Our remit will be helping to develop effective, inclusive and far-reaching communication for species conservation.

Team Grasshopper is made up of individuals who are really passionate about the environment and delivering grassroots change – so this project definitely floats our boat and we can’t wait to get started.

Sometimes, in our busy everyday lives, it’s easy to forget how inter-dependent humans and species are. We inhabit the same spaces and share the same resources – we rely on each other.

During the pandemic, visiting green spaces like parks and woodland were life-changing for most people (me included!) helping to reduce anxiety and just be close to nature. Post-pandemic, I think it’s easy to slip into old habits (working at my laptop for hours without a break, forgetting to take a lunch and get outdoors).

You don’t need hours of time to enjoy nature. It can be anywhere; in your garden, a public park, the coast or countryside. It’s about finding what works for you. Even 15 minutes in the back garden can reduce stress and negative thinking. Something that in today’s world is increasingly important for our mental well-being.

We’re excited to learn more about how amazing nature is with Natur am Byth and how it’s making a real difference to people’s lives. In doing so, we hope to motivate many more communities to care for some of Wales’ most threatened species and, in turn, benefit themselves from the joys of nature.

Author: Julie Longton